Sweet & Sour Fish

 20min, Difficulty 

Key benefits:

  • Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are great for brain health and maintaining a healthy heart.
  • Fish provides calcium and phosphorus which work together to build strong healthy bones.

Whenever you’re in doubt, just whip up something fishy!


Cod, halibut or salmon are all good choices for nutritious and healthy toddler meals.


Sssizzle the fish and kiddo’s favourite veggies together with the SSS for a healthier version of the Singapore style zi char classic sweet and sour fish.


This appetising dish is a crowd-pleaser for the whole family, not just for kids.



  • Pick a good cod, halibut, spanish mackerel, or salmon.
  • LO’s favourite fruit or veggies.
  • Corn starch
  • HaruPlate Sweet & Sour Sauce (SSS)
  • Optional: dill, black pepper, salt
coat the fish with corn starch before cooking it with sweet & sour sauce

How to make it:

  1. Cut into chunky bite-sized cubes. Whatever is best for the kiddos.
  2. Pat dry, and season with some dill, black pepper, and salt if desired.
  3. Coat each cube with a light layer of corn starch and dust the excess off.
  4. Heat up oil to medium high in a pan.
  5. Once oil is hot enough (when you start to see a bit of smoke) slowly place in the fish cubes one by one. This allows the pan to not cool down too fast. Careful not to get that hot oil on your hands!
  6. Shallow-fry on all sides until a nice golden brown. Take it out and let it drain on a kitchen towel or a draining rack.
  7. Next, get a new batch of oil into the pan, and stir-fry veggies / fruits with the SSS. 
  8. Once that is done, add in the cute chunky fishies and toss it to coat it well.
  9. Serve immediately, and enjoy some SSS goodnesss.
sweet & sour fish is ready to eat

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