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HaruPlate The HaruPlatter for kids 9+ mths (No artificial preservatives, added salt or sugar)


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For weaning babies 9m+, preschoolers and even adults looking for a healthy, savoury option.

If this is your first time trying HaruPlate as your child’s mealtime solution, here’s a special platter for you!
The HaruPlatter includes one of each item on our menu.
The kitchen elves you never had, The HaruPlatter features the full range of our #AllMagicNoBS cooking sauces and #AllFruitNoSugar jams.

1 x ROASTED TOMATO & SHIITAKE SAUCE (200g) : Roasted Fresh Tomatoes, Carrots, Cauliflower, Shiitake Mushrooms, Leek, Celery, Fresh Herbs & Spices
1 x SPICED PUMPKIN & CORN SAUCE (200g) : Pumpkin, Carrots, Corn, Celery, Onion, Bay Leaves, Cumin, Turmeric
1 x NON-SPICY TOMATO SAMBAL (100g) : Fresh Tomatoes, Fresh Cherry Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Fresh Basil, Bonito Flakes, Ikan Bilis
1 x BLUEBERRY & PEAR JAM (WHOLE FRUIT) (100g) : Whole Pears & Blueberries, Fresh Lemon Juice, Dash of Organic Raw Honey, Nutmeg
1 x TANGY MANGO JAM (WHOLE FRUIT) (100g) : Whole Mangoes, Organic Chia Seeds, Fresh Lime, Fresh Mint
1 x CHUNKY APPLE JAM (WHOLE FRUIT) (100g) : Whole Apples, Fresh Lemon Juice, Organic Chia Seeds, Dash of Organic Raw Honey, Whole Spices

*Jars delivered at least 20 weeks before it expires *

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Dimensions 15 × 23 × 16 cm

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