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Fundae Pack (4 cups)


Everydae’s a Fundae when you have all-natural ice cream free of refined sugar and loaded with clean, fresh ingredients.

Specially formulated for LOs from 12 months:

  • Probiotics & Prebiotics
  • Packed With Fresh Fruits & Veggies
  • NO Refined Sugar & Artificial Preservatives

Fundae Pack comes with 4 cups of ice cream, choose from the assorted pack or pick your favourite flavour!

Assorted - 1 each flavour Choconana Mangocado PSP Yoyoberry
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Classic favourites chocolate and creamy banana creation play together to boost digestion, metabolism and immune functions.
Ingredients: Fresh milk, banana, inulin, honey, coconut oil, skim milk powder, cocoa powder, egg yolk, olive oil

This magical combo of mango and avocado is truly a superfood ice cream like no other!
Ingredients: Fresh milk, mango, avocado, inulin, coconut oil, honey, skim milk powder, egg yolk, olive oil, guar gum


Lovely and unique, our pretty purple sweet potato ice cream is a party to boost the little one’s immunity.
Ingredients: Fresh milk, sweet potato, inulin, coconut oil, honey, skim milk powder, egg yolk, olive oil, guar gum


Get a boost in immunity and gut health with fresh strawberries swirled into creamy yoghurt in this delightful tango.
Ingredients: Fresh milk, yogurt, inulin, coconut oil, strawberries, honey, skim milk powder, freeze dried strawberry powder, egg yolk, olive oil, guar gum

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Weight 1 kg

Assorted – 1 each flavour, Choconana, Mangocado, PSP, Yoyoberry

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