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An antioxidant boost to give your little ones wings, Happy Flappy Blueberry & Pear Jam pairs the ripest blueberries with premium Asian pears. The perfect breakfast and snack time partner, with nothing but whole fruit inside!

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Does manja monkey need a pick-me-up? A happiness boost like no other, Manja Mornings Tangy Mango Jam hits the right spot every time. Other jams are made up of up to 60% sugar; we make ours with nothing but fresh, premium mangoes!  

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A warm toasty treat for breakfast or tea, every single spoon of Toasty Times™ Chunky Apple Jam is made from 100% whole apples. Unlike normal jams that are made up of up to 60% sugar, we make times toasty by having nothing but apples inside!  

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