How to Boost Kids’ Immunity with Iron & Zinc

How to boost kids' immunity with iron & zinc

Does your heart skip a beat everytime your toddler or older kid touches public surfaces – at the bus stop, coffeeshop, supermarket – then proceeds to lovingly savour those lolli-fingers? Cue wonderful sleepless nights filled with snot and whining! 


That being said, it’s impossible to entirely shield the little darlings away from random situations, and of course they do need to get exposed to the real world (and make some germ friends along the way). 


So how are we going to prevent them from feeling under the weather while letting them explore that great big world out there? One way to boost kiddo’s immunity is to ensure a healthy balanced diet with important micronutrients zinc and iron.

What Roles Do Iron and Zinc Play in Boosting Kids’ Immune Systems?

Iron is needed for red blood cells, which supplies the body with oxygen. Without enough iron, kiddo can feel weak or tired and might be more susceptible to infection.

On the other hand, zinc is essential for growing and supporting the natural development of kids’ immune systems. It also helps maintain healthy cartilage and bone, nails and hair.

What other benefits iron & zinc have for my kid?

Other than boosting a kiddo’s immune system, iron and zinc also provide many other benefits.


Take iron, a study suggests that iron deficiency in early childhood could affect children’s memory and learning capabilities. Meaning, having enough iron in their diet is important for raising smart kids.

Meanwhile, for parents grappling with poor appetite – you’ll be glad to know that zinc could help stimulate kiddo’s appetite! Say hello to cleaner plates, and wave goodbye to leftovers that you’re trying to finish.

What food are good sources of iron & zinc?

Protein based foods are generally a good source of iron, but some vegetables are too! Examples of good sources of iron includes: 

  • Liver 
  • Fish
  • Spinach 
  • Tomatoes

Zinc can be easily found in most whole grains and milk products. But for excellent sources of zinc, you can try some of these: 

  • Red meat (beef, lamb)
  • Shellfish (shrimp, crab, mussels)
  • Nuts, beans, seeds & legumes

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