The Story of HaruPlate

We are parents of 3 beautiful kids.  The biggest loves of our lives are: our kids and our local food.  Like most working parents, we have our plates full.  So, we had to find ingenious ways to juggle our full-time jobs and tots while making mealtimes a happy experience without compromising on taste and nutrition. 

Haruplate is our (brain)child, inspired by our observations of the lack of real fruit and veggie offerings, kid-friendly Asian flavours –  and our very own foodie (mis)adventures with our kids – to help parents just like us delight little palates so they eat happily and adventurously to grow mighty healthy. 


Welcome, Ollie! Food pouches weren’t his thing. 

He didn’t like the taste and was grossed out by its murky brown color. Imagine what it’s like growing up eating this. No more food pouches for you after 1, buddy!

Ollie started pre-school. And he became constipated…

That was unusual for our little boy who poops like clockwork. We realized pre-schools’ food options were loaded with oil, artificial sauces and sugars.

More fruits and vegetables please!

Ollie had his first kiddie version of a sambal sauce with nasi lemak. 

He saw us having it for breakfast and was curious about how it tasted. So Papa cooked a very healthy version just for him, without the spiciness.  He LOVEEED it! 

Ollie and Lucius FINALLY turned into fans of tomatoes and shitake. 

Those were their 2 most hated foods. But Papa was very clever. He made a sauce combining them with other veggies and added the precious chunky blend over pasta. They loved it too!   

The little boys had their first curry. 

Papa is a major curry lover. He wanted to share the experience with his little buddies and started experimenting kiddie versions using herbs, mild spices and veggies. They had seconds!   

Our first home-made fruit jams were such a hit with the boys! 

We wanted healthy jams without the sugars. So Papa made his version with real fruits using organic raw honey to add that touch of sweetness.  It was pure goodness!

We had our lightbulb moment. 

“Why don’t we bring these sauces and jams to other families?” 

We started making small batches of our veggie sauces and jams at home for friends and families to try… And they wanted more. 

It was so heartening because their kids loved it too.  So we took it further…


Stay tuned. Our journey continues…