New, Gutsier Fundaes – The Magic Cure For Tears and Tantrums

As parents, there comes a time in our lives when we will have to decide on a course of action when our kids begin to meltdown. Miraculously, we’ve uncovered a cure! With our all-natural, sugar-free ice cream – HaruPlate’s Fundaes, you can be sure to put a big sappy grin across their faces with the perfect treat!

All Natural, All Real

Formulated with whole fruits and veggies plus natural dietary fibre, HaruPlate’s Fundaes are the best healthy snacks for happy kids and happy guts. Once you have a taste of it, you’ll know what natural truly tastes like.

No Added Sugar, Dietitian-Approved!
Gut-Friendly with Prebiotics
All-Natural Fruits & Veggies

Fundaes, Sugar-Free Ice Cream

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