New, Gutsier Fundaes – The Magic Cure For Tears and Tantrums

As parents, there comes a time in our lives when we will have to decide on a course of action when our kids begin to meltdown. Miraculously, we’ve uncovered a cure! With our all-natural, no sugar Fundaes, you can be sure to put a big sappy grin across their faces with the perfect treat!

All Natural, All Real

Once you have a taste of our Fundaes, you’ll know what natural truly tastes like. It’s just like eating the real thing, only a way better treat cos it’s ice cream without all the stuff you don’t want.

No Added Sugar, Dietitian-Approved!

Gut-friendly with Prebiotics

All-Natural Fruits & Veggies

Four Magical Flavours!

Magical Fundaes

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