Coco Sambal Rolls

30 min, Difficulty: 


Key Benefits:

  • Coconuts aids in digestion and have antibacterial properties

It’s so good they can’t stop eating! These Coco Sambal Rolls are the perfect Chinese New Year snacks to keep the little ones from going HANGRY.

You know Chinese New Year is coming when all the upbeat tunes fill the air and (our personal favorite!) rows and rows of snacks adorn shelves all around us!

One of our favourite classics, Hei Bee Hiam rolls, has now received the HaruPlate treatment – amazing Coco Sambal Rolls specially created for kids! Be careful, they can get pretty addictive.

Also remember to roll these beauties in smaller sizes than your regular spring rolls, so it’s perfect for the little hands!

Rolling them is fun, you can ask the kids to help!


  • Desiccated coconut
  • HaruPlate Non-Spicy Tomato Sambal
  • Spring roll pastry


  1. Mix in Tomato Sambal with desiccated coconut.
  2. Cut spring roll pastry into 2 inch squares. 
  3. Roll coco-sambal mixture into a mini spring roll
  4. Pan fry!


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