When Healthy Meets Yummy.

Designed For Little Ones,

Crazy Convenient For You,

With None Of The Bad Stuff.

‘Cos We’re Parents Too. 

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A Little Bit Of Magic

At HaruPlate, we create food that helps parents sleep better by ensuring that the children eat and live better.

We use whole, natural ingredients that are approved by our dietician and nutritionist, and we make sure bad stuff like added salt, refined sugar, and artificial preservatives stay far away.

With a little bit of magic, even the fussiest of little ones love our food!

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Perfect For Busy Mums

“Baby and I love everything I’ve ordered so far. It’s tasty and convenient. Makes good alternatives to porridge and also good solutions for times when I’m running late. Thank you so much!”

– Janice


With HaruPlate’s creations, you don’t need to be a chef to create something awesome for the kiddos.

Best of all, their meals no longer need to be bland, boring, or subject to harmful additives.

Helps Picky Eaters

“My son really likes the pumpkin sauce. I added cubed potatoes and carrots – he dislikes them usually. But this time, he finished up everything, like magic!”       

– Sharon

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